Why specify Van de Lente Stone GFRC tiles : the benefits of advanced GFRC  / GRC cast stone wall cladding tiles

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Why specify Van de Lente Stone GFRC tiles?

Why choose Van de Lente glass-fiber-reinforced-concrete (GFRC) sandstone and limestone tiles for your building? In summary, Van de Lente tiles are as beautiful as quality natural cut stone, but stronger, lighter, more durable and cost effective.
Today's advanced Materials Technology, at your service!

Is it possible to erect a multi-storey tower using traditional materials, as found in nature, without crumbling? No, it is not possible. Modern building structures are possible only because Materials Technology has advanced, and has provided man-made materials of considerable strength and durability, allowing builders to erect modern structures such that were inconceivable in the past. One of the materials that have benefited from advances in science and research, is reinforced concrete. The invention of new grades of cement, catalysts and chemical additives, as well as the application of new manufacturing processes have improved considerably the tensile and compressive strength of reinforced concrete, along with corrosion resistance, durability and waterproofness. Reductions in weight (density & specific gravity) while keeping tensile and compressive strength high, have resulted in making buildings seismically safer, less costly and easier to erect.

Taking advantage of advances in technology

Van de Lente glass-fiber-reinforced cast stone wall tiles are the product of technically advanced materials and manufacturing processes. They are produced under our own proprietary processes and automated proprietary equipment, built on our own specifications. This involves, among others, a forming pressure of 600 Tons, and an automated production line fully electronically controlled for accuracy, finish and perfection, with no human intervention at any production stage, including final packing in crates. Our own research, supported to a large extent by research done by BASF Chemicals (Germany) and Lafarge Cement (France & USA) has resulted in glass-fiber-reinforced tiles of natural beauty, elegance, high tensile strength, high compressive strength, immune to corrosion, immune to cracking, lightweight, waterproof, colour-fast, durable, with beautiful weathering behaviour over time, and a life expectancy of many centuries. Much like natural cut stone, no two tiles are the same, their graining and colour are rendered by their body mass, and may be sanded, ground and polished, if required (normally not required), using the same equipment and techniques employed for marble and other natural stones. Our proprietary mix formulas include, among others, quality time-tried materials such as ground quartz, ground marble, and pure silica sands, as well as modern structural cement grades, specialty glass-fiber reinforcement, and advanced chemical catalysts & additives.

Benefits of using lightweight Van de Lente Stone tiles

While beauty, elegance and finish are the primary reasons for choosing Van de Lente Stone wall tiles, their technical superiority should not be overlooked. Lighter weight, in comparison to natural stone, is a major aspect for consideration. On average, Van de Lente tiles weigh 25% less than equivalent marble tiles. On multi-storey steel structures, great reductions in the amount of steel required in the building structure can be realized. For example, on a 10,000 square meter tower, GFRC tiles may reduce the building weight by more than 1,000 Tons, reducing the size, weight and cost of the building foundation, footings, beams and columns. Our GFRC tiles are also ideal for renovation or recladding of existing buildings because they add less superimposed load to the existing structure and foundations than natural stone tiles. In many cases, GFRC tiles can be installed directly over old cladding, with minimal impact to the building structure. Van de Lente GFRC tiles are widely used in seismic areas where the panel's lighter weight and flexible connections to the building enable the skin to move during seismic events rather than collapse and fail. Finally, Van de Lente tiles and panels can be installed using lighter, less expensive cranes, making installation cheaper and faster.

Commercial considerations

Van de Lente Stone tiles offer attractive appearance, attractive technical specifications, but also attractive pricing. Please let us know your exact requirements, and we will be happy to provide our best cost estimate. Shipping cost is also competitive, effected from a warehousing facility close to your location. Van de Lente Stone tiles are made in the European Union, however, for the convenience of our customers, we deliver from multiple warehousing facilities in the U.S.(New Jersey, Chicago, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles), Canada, Australia, U.K., Germany, Netherlands, France, Greece - so that shipping costs may be as low as possible, irrespective of customer location.

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